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Whiskey Wonder

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The Whiskey Wonder originated out of a discussion a young man, whose surname is Green, had with his grandfather about his lineage and their southern origins. At the time, the young man was twenty five years old and met his paternal grandfather for the first time only by chance. He and his wife were on their way to Hawaii for their honey moon when the connecting flight in San Francisco became overbooked. Luckily, the young man had relatives in the bay area. His uncle picked them up from the airport and took them to see his estranged grandfather before taking them to his house for the overnight stay. The young man finally found his grandfather on a golf course in Palo Alto. He approached his grandfather and shook his hand as his uncle introduced them. It was one of the happiest days of the young man’s life. The first question he asked his grandfather was “where is our family from?” He answered, “My daddy’s family lives in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. The young man asked, “What was your father’s name?” Duncan Green he said. He was born and raised in Macon, GA, but his parents came from Tennessee. The occasion lasted less than thirty minutes before the grandfather resumed his game. He only saw his grandfather once more after that occasion and before he passed shortly after their last encounter. 

Twenty three years later, the man had a family conversation with one of his older brothers as they both sipped on a smooth glass of bourbon whiskey. As they reminisced over their late paternal fathers, the older brother told the younger one about Uncle Nearest Whiskey. He shared with him how great it was, and the history of how the Master Distiller, Nathan Green, from Tennessee became so relevant and famous. It was in that moment, the younger brother remembered the conversation with his grandfather and shared it with his sibling. They both were excited about the thought of them possibly being related to dear old Uncle Nearest. They called their other brother and told him the story of Uncle Nearest and about their grandfather’s conversation. He was also excited to the point that he began telling his friends and other relatives about the potential historic relationship. They began to purchase Uncle Nearest Whiskey on a regular basis and share their story with friends every chance they got. Unfortunately, they never followed up to substantiate the claim. Therefore, their relationship status still remains a Whiskey Wonder.