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What is included in my membership when I join?

The specific benefits for members are based the membership level. Some perks consists of the following incentives, but you can visit the Membership page to see exactly how they are  categorized. 

· Free members-only events

· Up to 15% off retail products

· Free tickets to CPBC events

· Discounted tickets to bourbon events held by CPBC friends, and partner organizations

· Free merchandise gifts

How much are the dues?

The dues for membership are based on the level you choose. CPBC charges a monthly fee based on the three membership levels, $50 monthly for Platinum, $25 monthly for Gold, and $12.50 per month for Silver. 

How long is my membership active?

Upon completing your registration, selecting your membership level and paying the initial fee, your membership status renews month to month.

Do I have to renew each year?

No, there is no annual renewal. Each member pays a monthly membership fee to maintain their active status. You must be active and current if you would like to continue benefiting from CPBC membership opportunities.

What happens if I do not pay my membership dues?

A new or existing Platinum or Gold member who’s been inactive for less than three months, must become current for the quarter before they can freely attend any private events. For all other events, they must be current for at least the current month in order to attend and receive membership benefits.

How do I join?

You can join by completing our online registration after you’ve been referred by an active member. You can contact our membership coordinator to get any qualifying information. 

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact the membership coordinator, Omar Green, at for additional inquiries on joining the Cross Palate Bourbon Club.