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A Cross Palate Brand Ambassador Serves the Community!

Atlanta | Chicago | LA | Miami | NYC | Orlando | Tampa 

Love for the Club is what’s required to be a brand ambassador for Cross Palate. This bourbon club has special methods of marketing and stages of engagement we use to introduce members to the community, and the sensational variety of brands. Cross Palate Ambassadors help organize and promote local events to allow members to experience the full benefits of our bourbon club and our sponsors’ contributions. 

They utilize their organizational skills, marketing intelligence, passion for people, and bourbon knowledge to help provide a first class experience at every event. Our brand ambassadors help develop and drive local market level positioning with our members by using social media engagement, assisting with executing key events, and by hosting local Pop-Up events. They also understand that Cross Palate is the name and bourbon is the game.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please click here to access the form.



* At least be a Platinum Cross Palate Bourbon Club member

* A people lover who’s outgoing, team oriented and enjoys engaging others  

Social Media Savvy:
* A good understanding of social media engagement, campaigns and marketing

A Bourbon Connoisseur:
* A strong enthusiastic knowledge of bourbon and other whiskies

* A researcher who loves to learn and share the history of various brands

* An advocated of whiskey over other spirits (Bourbon Bias)


* Effectively and routinely engage with CPBC members on Social Media 

* Promote CPBC Events on Social Media /Post content, images and videos

* Provide local market engagement for special events held in your  designated area

* Host/Co-Host at least four official tastings or Pop-Up events per  year

* Assist with venue identification for private events, tastings and public socials

* Identify discount opportunities for club members

* Introduce potential new members to the CPBC Community

Milestones - Must have one year of fees paid and be presently current in order to vote or host. In one calendar year, facilitate 4 monthly events, draw 50 new members, and film one Whiskey Wonder.

Benefits /Compensation

* Free Access to all Private Events

* Free Merchandise and Promotional Items

* Stipend for each hosted/co-hosted tasting or Pop-Up event

* Discounts on all CPBC Bourbon Excursions

* A seat at the table with voting,  fundraising and strategic planning decisions


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