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Cross Palate is a members-only bourbon club for those who want to learn and experience an authentic bourbon culture beyond the confines of a traditional bar or restaurant. It consists of a fun, mature and diverse group of socialites who enjoy the various bourbon brands, recipes, tastes, and cocktails as much as they enjoy each other’s company. Cross Palate caters to the quality consumption, pairing and social interests of candor and culturally extended men and women.

The reason we started Cross Palate was to create a meaningful social atmosphere that allows professionals from uncommon backgrounds to share in a common interest by fostering the collective interaction of charming personalities that are just as dynamic as the various bourbons and whiskies we experience on a routine basis. 

Cross Palate the Name

It’s all about the taste and flavors of bourbon that flows across your palate to match, change or connect you to your favorite brands. The name Cross Palate was selected because it’s a comprehensive description of the experiences associated with drinking bourbon.  Every drink or recipe of bourbon must cross your palate in order to be fully appreciated.  


 “Pairing with a Purpose” 


“Pairing to Perfection the Tastes of Bourbon, Whiskey and Wine

with the collection of Cigars, Coffees and Cuisines”